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Maintenance & Operations

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Pest Management & Environmental Safety

Integrated pest management, or IPM, is a process you can use to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment. A copy of the Savanna School District's Integrated Pest Management Plan can be found by clicking here.

The Healthy Schools Act of 2000 (Assembly Bill 2260) put into place right-to-know requirements including notification, posting, and recording for pesticides used at public schools. The Healthy Schools Act was amended in 2005 to prohibit the use of certain pesticides at schools. In keeping with these policies, Savanna School District utilizes the following methods to control pests on our sites:

1. Pest identification

2. Monitoring and assessing pest numbers and damage

3. Following the written guidelines for when management action is needed

4. Preventing pest problems

5. Using a combination of tools to manage pests on campus

More information and a copy of the Healthy Schools Act is available by clicking here

Environmental Health & Safety

Click on the link below to access the Safety Data Sheet for each product potentially utilized on any of our campuses

Ajax Oxygen Bleach Cleaner

Amrep - Misty Dualcide

Award Fire Ant Bait

Betco - Citrus Chisel Concentrate

Betco - Citrus Chisel Diluted

Betco - Green Earth Restroom Cleaner Concentrate

Betco - Green Earth Restroom Cleaner Diluted

Betco - PH7Q Dual Concentrate

Betco - PH7Q Dual Diluted

Betco - Speedex Concentrate

Betco - Speedex Diluted

Boardwalk Glass Cleaner

Caresour Wipes

Clorox® Germicidal Bleach

Clorox® Proresults Outdoor Bleach Cleaner

Crew - Bathroom Cleaner and Scale Remover

Crew Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner

Cynoff WP Insecticide

Diamond Wipes - Refreshing Wipes

Diamond Wipes - Steridol

Easy Off - Grill Cleaner Heavy Duty

Fertilizer - Vigoro Rose Food

Floor Dry

GenLabs - Seven Solutions

GOJO Clear and Mild Foam Handwash

Gopher Getter AG Bait 

GP Forward - Gen. Purpose Cleaner

HDX All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar

Herbicide - Preen Weed Preventer

Hillyard - Green Select Glass Cleaner

Hillyard - Lemon Furniture Polish Aerosol

Hillyard Lustre - Mist Furniture Polish

J-Works Tempest Cleaner Degreaser

LYSOL - Disinfecting Wipes

Masterline Bifenthrin 7.9

Metal Cleaner and Polish Aerosol

Metered Aerosols

Mosaic Hand Wipes

Purell foam hand sanitizer

Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant

Re-Nu - Foaming Coil Cleaner

Smoke Odor Eliminator

Speedball Heavy Duty Spray Cleaner Concentrate 2000

Speedball Heavy Duty Spray Cleaner

Ultra Dawn Antibacterial Hand Soap Apple Blossom

Windex Glass Cleaner

Injury & Illness and Prevention Program

It is the policy of the Savanna School District to maintain a safe and healthful work environment for each employee and to comply with all applicable occupational health and safety regulations.  The purpose of our Injury & Illness Prevention Program is to establish a framework for reducing the risks associated with workplace injuries and illnesses, and identifying what is required to promote the safety and health, and create an outline of policies and procedures to achieve safety and health goals.  Each site's specific Injury & Illness Prevention Program, as provided below,was created in compliance with Cal-OSHA regulations. 

Click here to view a copy of the Savanna School District's Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Click here to view a copy of Cerritos School's Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Click here to view a copy of Hansen School's Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Click here to view a copy of Holder School's Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Click here to view a copy of Twila Reid School's Injury & Illness Prevention Program