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Welcome to the Hansen School PTA

Welcome to a new school year at Hansen School. Our PTA board has openings for parents interested in laying the foundation to make this an excellent school year for our children.

The PTA sponsors many programs that benefit our students and families throughout the school year, but none of these programs happen without the support and commitment of our parents. There are opportunities for everyone no matter your area of interest, time constraints or background. Everyone is welcome and I encourage each family to become members of the Hansen School PTA. This does not mean you need to attend meetings regularly; however, you are always welcome. The Hansen School PTA directly supports your child and provides you with important information through its newsletter. The Hansen School PTA brings enrichment programs into your child's classroom, coordinates assemblies that support the instructional program, provides monies for field trips for students, and runs family fun events (like the Jog-A-Thon and the annual holiday craft fair), just to name a few.

Your membership is extremely valuable to the Hansen School PTA Not only do your membership dues help to support our programs, but joining shows that you support the Hansen School PTA in our efforts to enhance our children's educational experience. We look forward to having you as part of the Hansen School PTA and encourage you to support the organization that supports your kids!

We hope all of you can find time this year to do your part volunteering for the school, be it at a field trip, a movie night, a bake sale or a shift at the book fair. We guarantee it will be a special memory, for you and your child.  We're looking for many volunteers to make this year a very successful one!  We look forward to seeing all of you!

Hansen School PTA