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We have much to celebrate as we look forward to the coming school year, demonstrating that The Best Really is Yet to Come!  Over the summer, we’ve been able to complete additional projects at school sites including several technology-related items including establishing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Centers on each campus, restructuring the Technology Learning Centers to allow for better teaching & learning environments, updating classroom computers and ensuring all laptops checked out to teachers are in good repair. We’ve also been able to restructure some teaching areas and add three relocatables at Holder School to better accommodate the needs of special education classes, complete interior and exterior painting at Hansen, and enhance our security measures District-wide. As we continue to enhance security of our campuses, we will begin piloting a new visitor check-in program during the 2016-17 school year.  Furthering our commitment to student and staff safety, camera servers were upgraded to allow for additional storage for cameras that are located in school offices, kitchens, staff lounges and STEM centers, technology learning centers, as well as throughout each school’s walkways, student lunch areas, playgrounds and parking lots. While the cameras provide the ability for remote monitoring on an as-needed basis, there is no audio recording. We are extremely grateful that we’ve been able to complete much-needed enhancements that will provide students and staff with safe, secure facilities to meet the demands of 21st Century learning. These projects and more will impact our children's education and our community for generations to come, demonstrating “The Best Is Yet To Come!”

As we continue moving forward with technology, “The Best Is Yet To Come!” as we ensure students have digital literacy skills that will propel them into college and career readiness. With all the upgrades to technology for our students and staff, we’re thrilled that our parents have begun to embrace technology as well; we were excited to learn that the online registration was completed by 90% of our parents!  

During the summer, over 60 teachers participated in Project GLAD training to learn strategies that will help them better assist English language learners in learning 21st Century skills; ongoing follow-up sessions are planned throughout the coming school year.  In addition, we will implement our new math adoption, Go Math; our English Language Arts/English Language Development Task Force will review materials for adoption throughout the 2016-17 school year. During the economic downturn in the mid-2000's, we purposefully chose to be fiscally responsible and not purchase new English Language Arts materials; there were few changes to the materials currently used. With the passage of Assembly Bill 1246 and the implementation of Common Core State Standards, nearly 90% of our teachers met to enhance our instructional materials to ensure that the core English Language Arts program met the new State Framework. Our commitment to ensuring that students receive a strong instructional program, coupled with our duty to remain fiscally responsible, has continued to guide decisions related to instructional materials.  Our students continue to excel because of the excellent staff we have in Savanna; it is because of their dedication and commitment that we know that The Best Is Yet To Come for our students!

We continue to provide a variety of opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond the school day. One such example is our Saturday Academy program which offers additional academic enrichment and support for students. Click on the 'Academic Support' tab for additional information. Another example are our before and after school programs, with both Achieves and day care offered at each school. In addition, a wide variety of programs are offered through the GRIP grant with the City of Stanton; additional information and resources can be obtained in each school office. It is the intent of the Savanna School District that our facilities enhance and enrich our students' educational program. Updated information on the property adjacent to Cerritos School can be found by clicking here.

It is the goal of the Savanna School District to provide the most exemplary educational opportunities for children both now and into the future, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. The difference between a good school district and a GREAT school district is “people”; people like the Savanna School District staff who are committed to do everything they can daily to demonstrate that ‘The Best Is Yet To Come!’; people like our parents who provide the home support for our students so that they can meet our Great Expectations; and people like all those in our community who contribute to our successes in so many ways.  Our successes are YOUR successes. 

About the District

What a special place Savanna School District is!  Encompassing parts of the cities of Anaheim, Buena Park, Cypress and Stanton, Savanna School District is an elementary school district with approximately 2400 students. These students attend one of our four schools: Cerritos, Hansen, Holder and Twila Reid Schools. We also serve about 250 preschoolers in state and privately-run preschools on our campuses.

Our size is one reason that Savanna has a family-like atmosphere among the faculty, support staff, students, parents and the community we serve. While our small size enables us to maintain this small town feel, our location provides students and staff access to a wide variety of resources within the community.