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We have much to celebrate this school year as we continue to ensure today’s learners become tomorrow’s leaders!  We began 2018 by engaging our community in a conversation about experiences with our schoosl and the Savanna School District. Our intent was to gather thoughts, ideas, and questions about our schools and District so that we can continue meeting the needs of our students. To achieve this, we teamed with a company named Thoughtexchange to assist us in getting input from our entire community. We would like to thank the parents, staff and community members who took part in our recent Thought Exchange. Through our exchange, several themes emerged that highlighted areas of interest and concern. Participants indicated that safety and security is their top priority.  You will find the remainder of the results of our Thought Exchange through this link: On behalf of the students we serve, thank you for taking the time to help inform our planning and discussions in our District.

We're excited that the Board of Trustees’ recent action to refinance the District's 2009 general obligation bonds will save taxpayers over $850,000. The District is committed to meeting the facility needs of our students and community while also being a good steward of taxpayer dollars. Click here to read more about the recent Board action to ensure that we will continue to ensure that today's learners become tomorrow's leaders!

Our commitment to ensuring today’s learners become tomorrow’s leaders can be evidenced in our commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) including the use of technology for both instruction and student learning.  The amazing demonstration of student learning utilizing a variety of technology ranges from kindergartners who are able to use the ‘popplet’ app to create thinking maps to first graders honing language arts and math skills with the use of iReady; from second graders who use word processing skills to type reports and import photos from various sources to third graders using Adobe Voice to make their own videos; from fourth grade students creating reports in PowerPoint to fifth and sixth grade students creating QR codes as well as documents on apps such as Prezi, Plickers, Pages, ChatterPix and Animoto. It’s incredible to see the way technology is used for expanding learning as well as for demonstrating skills learned; at Open Houses, children can be seen teaching their parents about the apps they use on the iPads and programs on computers.  In addition to the infusion of technology, students have been immersed in engineering lessons. Our commitment to ensuring our students are engaged in STEM activities in a wide variety of areas has resulted in student-created projects including the design and building of mock cities, roller coasters with loops and turns, and bridges; students can also be seen programming robots using their coding skills as they program tiny pint-sized robots. As our students design and build, we are helping to create the workforce of tomorrow, preparing students with real-life applications to meet the demands of an ever-changing global society.

Our pride also shows in the partnerships our schools have cultivated with our local community, providing a myriad of student support programs, ensuring we prepare tomorrow’s leaders.  Our schools’ commitment to exemplary programs that create safe and inclusive environments for all students can be evidenced at each site, some similar and others to meet the unique needs of the students, parents, and staff.  Each school has embraced  Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) implementation, ensuring positive behaviors throughout the campus. Partnership programs have involved parents in school activities, from serving as greeters in the parking lot to assisting children at lunch, from volunteering in classrooms to reading with children throughout the school day, from welcoming dads as Watch D.O.G.S. to a school-level VIP Club, our students are demonstrating good citizenship along with social and emotional growth that will help them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Through partnerships with the City of Stanton, we’ve been able to offer parenting skills classes, provide high school-aged ‘big brothers and big sisters’, enhance counseling and anger management classes for students and families in need, expand after-school tutoring and homework help, and recognize students for perfect attendance.  With the support of the Anaheim Police Department, approximately 60 students from across our schools are involved in the Jr. Cadet program where students participate in educational and physical activities that help to teach and reinforce respect, responsibility, and self-discipline. Partnerships such as these are essential in ensuring our students have the support of the entire community to assure their success!

Through our ongoing partnership with local universities, we will once again be able to offer our Summer Academy with a STEM focus where students will be engaged in science, technology, engineering, and math as well as English-language arts.  Taught by teacher credential candidates, this partnership provides a hands-on focus for students to meet or exceed grade level standards in each of these core subjects over the summer. Partnerships such as these truly allow our students with access to enhanced hands-on experiences in science, technology, and math!  Truly, our successes are YOUR successes; it takes a village to raise a child and our children are so very fortunate to be part of this great community and the many partnerships that support them. These partnerships demonstrate our commitment to ensuring today’s learners will become tomorrow’s leaders.

When I reflect on what makes a good school district a GREAT school district, I recognize that it is “people;” people like our staff who are committed to what they do each day to ensure student success that we can be proud of; people like our parents who provide the home support for our students so that they can reach their potential; and people like all those in our community who have contributed to our successes in so many ways. Because of all of the support from a wide variety of people in our community, the 2017-18 year has been a successful one in which we take tremendous pride; it is through these successes we believe today’s learners will be amazing future leaders!