Welcome to the Savanna School District

Where Today's Learners Become Tomorrow's Leaders

We have much to celebrate as we prepare Today’s Learners to be Tomorrow’s Leaders!  We’re excited as we begin 2019 with continuing to focus on the implementation of our new English Language Arts/English Language Development program, taking a ‘deeper dive’ into data to drive the instructional program and our continuing commitment to STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics! A combination of a rich, well-rounded curriculum, highly qualified and caring staff and a long-standing commitment to excellence is continuing to prepare our students to be successful 21st Century citizens.  Our dedication to integrating STEM across the curriculum ensures we provide students with real-life applications to meet the demands of an ever-changing global society as we create the workforce of tomorrow.  We asked our community for feedback on what they like and what we could improve and the results are in!  Click here to see the results of our ThoughtExchange.