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Hansen School Staff Directory

Below is contact information for Hansen School's teaching and support staff members that you may need to contact, in alphabetical order. Please keep in mind that our staff are teaching during the day and it may not be possible to provide a prompt response. If you need an immediate reply, please call the school office.

Robyn Brittain
Margie Cantrell
Marne Colby
Naomi Copland
Jennifer Cruz
Penny Cronin
Silvana Dipoma
Nathalie Gosselin
Noemi Gomez
  • Ms. Noemi Gomez
  • Room 11
  • Resource Specialist Program (RSP)
  • Special Education Teacher
Nathalie Gosselin
Daniel Hernandez
Joy Kaufman
  • Mrs. Joy Kaufman
  • Room 1
  • 1st Grade Teacher
  • (Job share partner with Mrs. Dipoma)
Kasey Linden
Kaitlyn Lindsey
Julie Martin
Julie Metz
Pam Murphy
Erin Olson
Consuelo Reyes
Christian Rieger
Lindsey Rodriguez
Khara Schroeder
Lynne Shisbey
Donna Smith
Sylvia Stelmar
Lauren Stuart
Joan Tumaque
Leah Van Deth
Elyse Wasserman
Andrea Wheeler
Erin White