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Measures N & G: Savanna's School Bonds

We are grateful to the Savanna School District community for its support of Measure N, which passed with an outstanding 72.5% approval rate at the November 4, 2008 election as well as Measure G, passed by the voters in June 2012. The passage of these two General Obligation bonds will fund capital improvements at each of our four elementary schools and will affect our children's education and our community for generations to come. The Savanna School District Board of Trustees (Board) determined specific projects to be funded by Measure N and Measure G bond authorizations; copies of those projects can be found on the School Boundaries section of this web site.

The use of bonds has allowed us to continue our modernization projects while construction costs remain low, providing much-needed modernized facilities for our students and staff.  Without these funds, which have been approved by voters, we would be unable to address significant and required renovations and repairs that aging buildings need. 

It is important that community involvement and oversight continue as our schools are improved and renovated. Savanna School District has nine community members who are currently serving on the District's Measure N independent Citizens' Oversight Committee as well as the Measure G independent Citizens' Oversight Committee. The mission of the independent Citizens' Oversight Committee is to oversee the expenditure of bond money for the repair, modernization and improvement of our schools. The Citizens' Oversight Committee is responsible for communicating its findings to the Board and the public in order to help ensure that school bonds are utilized as the District voters authorized, and that bond-funded projects are completed in a cost-effective manner. The District would point out that the Citizens' Oversight Committee does not approve projects or the allocated funding; its role is simply to assure funds are expended appropriately. This is a volunteer position and, by law, no compensation to the members of the Citizens' Oversight Committee can be provided.

The members of the Citizens' Oversight Committee include the following:

David Appling, member representing a bona fide taxpayer association
Wendy Labasan, member representing parents of children in District schools
Jenny Lacayo, member at-large
Meredyth McClure, member representing a senior citizens' organization
James Pai, member representing the business community within the District
Mike Thoman, member at-large
Cammie Wilson, member active in school PTA or School Site Council

Agendas for upcoming meetings as well as agendas, minutes, and materials presented at prior meetings are available on the School Bond Materials link on this web site. Agendas will be posted on this site 72 hours in advance of each regularly scheduled meeting.